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Being Shot…

As I lie there on the snow groaning like a man who’s been shot, I wonder why I persevere with this sport. After all learning to snowboard isn’t an essential life skill. Whilst I can ski quite well, riding a snow board has been a real challenge.

It got me thinking about learning to do new things. One of the great pleasures of life is to learn something new, to be a novice again, to feel a certain loss of dignity and to believe that you will never get the hang of this. Of course one does, I have just got back from a week in the mountains and realise that if you stick with it, you can always make progress. Snowboarding is starting to feel good now.

As an International Event Host, learning my trade over the years has been a bumpy road. En route there have been a number of lessons learned, though I am glad I have stuck at it. Recently someone asked me what’s important and I have chosen 3 thoughts that might just help as you step out onto the stage:

Positive Visualisation:
Watch those who you believe are good at it. See what they do well, and then mentally visualise yourself being as good as them whilst developing your own style. By setting that target you are projecting your success forwards and programming your thinking into becoming great. Sounds like tosh? It worked for me.

10 000 hours:
As an esteemed colleague once said to me, if you want to be that good you have to practice for 10 000 hours. Anything that is worth having takes time to master. So be prepared for a long journey and stay positive.

Enjoy the Ride:
Sounds like a cliché though the most exciting part of learning to do anything is the progress you make along the way. As human beings we are programmed to want to achieve, whether you are learning to present on a stage or snowboard or anything else – enjoy every small step of the journey and celebrate each success. You will reach your end destination soon enough. Don’t wait until you become good to enjoy it.

Final Word:
Learning something new can with the right attitude be a wonderful experience. The challenge is to focus and stick at it. Soon enough what you thought was impossible becomes easy and enjoyable.