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Being Shot…

As I lie there on the snow groaning like a man who’s been shot, I wonder why I persevere with this sport. After all learning to snowboard isn’t an essential life skill. Whilst I can ski quite well, riding a snow board has been a real challenge. It got me thinking about learning to do… Read More »

CIT Agency Forum August 2014 174
Election 2015 – From The Heart…

A week is a long time in politics, new cabinets have been selected, new leadership contests begun and political comment in a heady frenzy. Cast your mind back if you will for a moment to the resignations of those not elected into power just over a week ago. The speeches of the broken leaders battling… Read More »

Thoughts on Election
Election 2015…

As our politicians prostrate themselves at the alter of democracy, we the voting public get to choose. It’s not a perfect system, though there’s no better available alternative. So we are subjected to a political bun fight of promise and mud slinging that reaches its climax today. This blog has no political view, we all… Read More »

‘Leaving on a Jet Plane…’

John Denver was waiting for a flight in Washington airport in 1966. In that time he wrote the song ‘Leaving On A Jet Plane’. A pretty good use of his time wouldn’t you say considering it became the hit song that established him. Today I am waiting for a delayed plane and wonder how to… Read More »