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The Age of Interaction

I look back on the halcyon days when everyone in the audience would give you their undivided attention. The days when your computer was desk bound, a tablet was something you took with water and a mobile phone was for making calls. Now we positively encourage people to text, tweet and interact with us. It… Read More »

To prompt or not to prompt….

Three things you should know about teleprompting: How to make a better connection with your audience: It appears to be the perfect solution for a speaker. If you use a teleprompter (stand and read from a rolling screen also known as an Autocue) you have nothing to learn, the content can be instantly changed and… Read More »

What would a Professional Event Host do during Michael Bay’s awkward moment with Samsung?

Of all the gigs to crash and burn – this was the ultimate. A Samsung press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the press watching with judgement poised and the successful film Director Michael Bay who choose to commit the mortal sin. Seventy seconds in – he walked out.