Thoughts on Election

Election 2015…

As our politicians prostrate themselves at the alter of democracy, we the voting public get to choose. It’s not a perfect system, though there’s no better available alternative. So we are subjected to a political bun fight of promise and mud slinging that reaches its climax today.

This blog has no political view, we all know what we think and you have no wish to hear my views. Though I am particularly interested in the way they have spoken and delivered their message throughout the election campaign.

Such a gruelling task of endless Town Hall speeches and barracking from a public who challenge every word and question your motive must be the toughest gig ever; as they try to win hearts and minds and maintain some credibility.

Having watched them and from my personal point of view of a Speaker and Event Host, there seems to be a number of factors they share:

Each of the candidates is absolutely passionate about what they are saying to the point where I feel at times they over power their audience and can loose credibility.

Personal Style:
Looking at the main party leaders alone, there’s the one who has taken to gazing like a puppy dog at the camera and walking ever closer to his audience, which has the impact of getting in your face like a drunk at a party. There are the pursed lips of conviction from a man who ‘wants to be clear’ which makes him look like he is trying to hold a yawn back or possibly worse. Finally, here’s the one with the look of a school boy stuck in the middle of it all, as he tries to explain himself to the headmaster.

Controversial as this may sound, I feel they are all stuck between a rock and a hard place. They offer themselves up to be judged and ridiculed like no other profession, have to make a difficult political system work whilst judged by a cruel media and critical populace. I think they have done a pretty good job in great adversity to deliver their message clearly, professionally and with a passion of conviction rarely found in the commercial world. Where else would a leader be subjected to such scrutiny?

The outcome remains to be seen – though I would say well done to all of them for even daring to have a go.