John Denver was waiting for a flight in Washington airport in 1966. In that time he wrote the song ‘Leaving On A Jet Plane’. A pretty good use of his time wouldn’t you say considering it became the hit song that established him.

Today I am waiting for a delayed plane and wonder how to best use my time. It could be perceived as a moment of frustration, a time to think, be creative, relax, write an article or mentally prepare one self for what lies ahead.

Actors will tell you that they have a set routine whilst they are waiting to go on stage – and they rigorously adhere to it. Having done some stage acting myself I know that the 2 hours before a performance are critical as one transitions from walking in off the street, through make up, to dressing, right up to walking on to the stage. Do all presenters have a preparation process?

As an Event Host I am often asked how does one best prepare? I have some thoughts that might just help you to prepare to then walk on stage and be your best:

Mental Space: Be really clear about what you want and need to be calm, focused and ready to perform. You may want to be alone, surrounded by people, listen to music, have a cup of tea or take a nap. Be clear and create it.

Positive Visualisation: Take some quiet time to run through what you want to say, how it will feel and then visualise your success before you do it for real. If you have positive visualisations, you will tune your mind to success and move closer to making them into reality.

Focus: Avoid your day job, making calls, texting and most of all getting involved with all of the inevitable production issues that every event is fraught with. Any distortion of your focus will have a detrimental affect on your performance. You should only think about your performance – everything else can wait.

John Denver understood how to get the most out of his waiting time. What will you do with yours? The professionals understand that if they use their waiting time effectively it creates a better performance.

When the moment arrives for you to walk on to the stage, you will be focused and most of all ready to perform.